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Buying a Perfect Christmas Gift

The Christmas once a year brings not only happiness but also headache to a lot of people because they don’t know what to give to families and friends as gifts. Recently MP4 gradually became a good choice for them. It is practical and affordable for most people. It is small enough to be put in pocket for use anytime. Nobody dislikes music. Realizing he or she can enjoy music anytime anywhere with a beautiful MP4 will make your friends much happier on Christmas. Your gift will make your friend enjoy the time like waiting for a bus. Many big shopping malls are full of these beautiful electronic products which possibly make you don’t know which to choose. You will find the answer after reading the following principles.
The first principle is choosing brand-name products. These famous products often have attractive outlook design. The only work you need to do is to choose the most beautiful one you think your friend may like. Generally 2.4 to 4 inch is a recommended display size limit. What’s more, famous brand guarantee good quality. Due to frequent use, most MP4s are repaired after sale. Products with name brands bear credible guarantees for after-service and consumers can get them repaired easily in wide spread repairing center.
The second principle is to know about the basic function. The six basic functions of a MP4 are video display, video recording, audio playing, audio recording, electronic photo album, mobile memory. A MP4 that don’t have these basic functions or don’t perform well in these functions is not a good one. Additionally,work time is often an important quality index. Two to three hours is ordinary and good ones can provide four or even five hours work. Nobody likes seeing “battery low” when he or she is enjoying the film.
Another important principle is to pay attention to the available audio and video format. The reason why these electronic products are called MP4 is that it support professional video and audio playing formatwhich was the key point you should be aware of. The more formats one MP4 supports the more convenience they provide when we see films. A good MP4 often support format likeAVI, MPG, DAT, WAV, MP4, WMA. The nano MP4 from iphone is a good example in text. With it, we don’t have to waste much time for format conversion anymore.
It is the last principle to play well in the word game. Sometime the introduction that a MP4 supports RMVB format play actually means there should be a format conversion before playing. Another obvious game is about the USB for which there are to kinds, namely high speed and full speed. The one you really need is high speed that can ensure a high speed transmission.
The above methods for choosing a MP4 mean the end to many people’s headache because of making a choice. You will have a nice Christmas from now on, so do your friend.


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